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  • How Failure to Tackle Injection Drug Use Harm Nigerians Health 

    Ogundipe, S. (Vanguard Media Limited, 2018-12-18)
    The paper notes that the failure of the Federal Government of Nigeria to implement harm reduction programmes against HIV, hepatitis C and preventable death among injection drug users has been identified as a major factor ...
  • Female Genital Mutilation and Human Rights 

    The Guardian (Guardian Newspaper Limited, 2019-03-07)
    Female genital mutilation (FGM) involves procedure that alter or injure the female genital for non-medical reasons, it is internationally recognised as a violation of the human rights of girls and woman. FGM primarily, ...
  • All you should know about low blood sugar 

    Osazuwa, J. (The Sun Publishing Limited, 2019-02-21)
    Low blood sugar which is called hypoglycaemia, is a condition that occur when blood sugar (glucose) is lower than normal. This may be eminent in people with diabetes who are taking insulin or certain other medicines to ...
  • Nigerian Cadet at Risk Over Emergence of Tech-Driven Vessels 

    Bivbere, G (Vanguard Media Limited, 2019-12-19)
    The paper notes that the prospects of Nigerian trained cadets may have become jeopardised by the emergence of technology driven ocean-going vessels.Thus, the need to train cadets in line with current technologies.
  • Health Benefits of Periwinkle 

    The Sun (The Sun Publishing Limited, 2019-02-02)
    periwinkles are found in many parts of the world. In Nigeria, it is known as Nigerian periwinkle. It is used in several delicacies like Edikang Ikong and Afang soup in Nigeria. The meat of periwinkle is high in protein, ...
  • Unemployed Nigerians Increase By 3.3m to 20.9m - NBS 

    Nnorom, N.; Adegbesan, E. (Vanguard Media Limited, 2018-12-20)
    The paper notes that the number of unemployed Nigerians rose by 3.3 million to 20.9million in the third quarter of 2018 (Q3'18), as shown in a report by the National Bureau of Statistics.
  • Fresh Alarm Over Nigeria's Rising Youth Unemployment 

    Igomu, T. (The Sun Publishing Limited, 2019-02-25)
    On Saturday, March 15 2014, millions of Nigerians stormed various locations for an aptitude test to enable them get enlisted into the Nigerian immigration service. At the end of the exercise, 16 of the applicants met their ...
  • Tapping into Economic Potential of Soursop Farming 

    Anyanwu, C. (The Sun Publishing Limited, 2019-02-18)
    Soursop is a fruit that can be rightly regarded as a multi-purpose fruit, owing to its immense usefulness. It is a power house of nutrients, including vitamin C, B and a number of anti-oxidant compounds. The fruit is hardly ...
  • How Regular Exercise Lowers Death Risk 

    Muanya, C. (The Guardian (Nig.) Limited, 2019-02-05)
    People who spend a lot of time in one place are more likely to experience some adverse health conditions, such as obesity. However, a new study has revealed that even a small amount of exercise can have a significant impact ...
  • How Nigeria Can Maximize Potentials of Sesame Seeds 

    Akinfenwa, G. (Guardian Newspaper Limited, 2019-02-24)
    Sesame presents huge opportunity for the country in terms of generating export revenue. Aside the fact that it has numerous health and industrial benefits and widely used for baking, medicine, cosmetics and animal feeds, ...
  • Four Ways To Beat Insomnia By Scientist 

    Guardian Newspapers (Guardian Newspaper Limited, 2019-02-27)
    People with insomnia struggle to get good night sleep and wonder how to sleep better. They may be plagued by trouble falling asleep, unwelcome awakenings during the night, or fitful sleep alone or in combination. Insomnia ...
  • Fresh Concerns Over Chemicals For Ripening Fruits, Softening Foods 

    Muanya, C. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2019-05-02)
    Fruit ripening is an unnatural process in which the fruit goes through various chemical changes and gradually becomes sweet and coloured which is hazardous to health but with the advancement of science & technology, ...
  • Creating Wealth Through Walnut Farming 

    Anyanwu, C. (The Sun Publishing Limited, 2019-06-17)
    Walnut farming has attained global increase due to its rising importance as fruit and quality timber. Walnut is one of the best food for the heart, which can be attributed to its richness in potassium.
  • Cocoyam Cultivation: Economic Potential, Health Benefits 

    Anyanwu, C. (The Sun Publishing Limited, 2019-02-11)
    In Nigeria, cocoyam is mostly popular among the south easterners and is eaten in various forms such as boiled and eaten with red oil; made into paste among others. Cocoyam leaf is also used as vegetable in soups. Following ...
  • Tackling Illegal Mining 

    Daily Sun (The Sun Publishing Limited, 2019-03-17)
    Report by the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) Says that in spite of the Federal Government resolve to diversify the economy through the exploitation of solid minerals, among others, it is sad ...
  • Detoxification Boosts Fertility in Couples Undergoing IVF 

    Muanya, C. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2019-05-23)
    Nigerian researchers have demonstrated how supervised modern day type of detoxification may positively affect fertility indices in infertile couples who undergo assisted reproductive technology in-vitro fertility. It is ...
  • Fresh Alarm Over Nigerias Rising Youth Unemployment 

    Igomu, T. (The Sun Publishing Limited, 2019-02-25)
    On Saturday, March 15, 2014, millions of Nigerians stormed several locations for an aptitude test to enable them to get enlisted into the Nigeria immigration service. At the end of the exercise, 16 of the applicants met ...
  • With Holy Trinity SPA & Health Farm, Ghana Targets Africa's Medical Tourism Market. 

    Nwanne, C. (Guardian Newspapers (Nig.) Limited, 2019-02-02)
    Health tourism covers those types of tourism, which have as a primary motivation the contribution to physical, mental and / or spiritual health through medical and wellness-based activities. It sheds light on the factors ...
  • Exploiting Economic Potential in Grape Farming 

    Anyanwu, C. (The Sun Publishing Limited, 2019-02-24)
    Grapes, which are also known botanically as berries are fruits that have received great acceptance by majority of people in Nigeria. Aside their health values, grapes have great economic potential when cultivated on a ...
  • Why Nigerians Maritime Potential Remains Untaped 

    Agbota, S. (The Sun Publishing Limited, 2019-02-27)
    Around the world, maritime activities are crucial and play a key role in the alleviation of poverty and creating wealth because the sector constitutes an important source of income and employment for many people in maritime ...

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