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    • The Ogoni Clean-Up Project 

      Editorial (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2017-12-05)
      The Ogoni Cleanup project has not seriously taken effect for almost 2 years after the report of launching the clean up project. The budget of a paltry 20 million for the exercise in 2018 spending plan has advertised a ...
    • Nation Chokes Under Gripping Rage of Substance Abuse 

      Eno-Abasi, S.; Abbar, A. (Guardian newspapers Limited, 2017-12-10)
      The prevalence drug abuse in the country, especially in the Northern Nigeria has been a worrisome venture. To underscore the raging narcotics challenges, President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday December 7, 2017, directed ...
    • Breaking the malaria circle 

      Musbau, R. (Guardian newspapers Limited, 2017-12-22)
      In spite of the huge amount that the Federal government spends in the provision of curative malaria drugs, with support from global funding, malaria has remained endemic in Nigeria. The World Health Organization recommends ...
    • Self-Sufficiency in Rice Production: Still a Long Way 

      Akinfenwa, G; Nzeagwu, U.; Falaju, J. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2017-12-24)
      The Nigeria domestic consumption of rice stood at 5.530 million metric tons between 2015 to 2017. The Country's domestic supply 3.850 million metric tons from 2015 to 2016. Two rice mills produce more than one million ...
    • Education in Retrospect, Still Business as Usual for Sector 

      Atueyi, U. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2017-12-28)
      A review of activities that played out in the outgoing year reveals that the Nigeria educational system has witnessed nothing uncommon than crisis, poor funding, policy conflict, abduction, terrorism and odds against ...
    • Four FUTO Students Design Suveillance Drone 

      Editorial (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-01-10)
      Four students of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri designed a surveillance drone for their institution.
    • Gene-Therapy Cure For Blindness, Type 1 Diabetes, Advanced HIV 

      Muanya, C. (Guardian Newspaper Limited, 2018-01-11)
      Scientists have in recent studies advanced the use of gene therapy as cure for human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV), type 1 diabetes and blindness.
    • How to Increase Local Drug Production in Nigeria 

      Muanya, C. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-01-11)
      Pharmacists have recommendations on how to increase local production of essential medicines and boost drug security in the country
    • Popoola's Metal Adventure Pulsates in Animal Anatomy 

      Sowole, T. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-01-13)
      Across painting, sapphire and general medium, horses and cattle have enjoyed robust space in fine art. The sculptor in this write up revealed his profound finding on different species of utility animal as bulls and horse ...
    • Making Cassava Safe For Human And Animal Consumption 

      Akinfenwa, G.; Igbasan, I. (Guardian Newspaper Limited, 2018-01-14)
      Report has it that there are more than 40 cassava varieties in use and the more new ones are in use, the more fear about their safety.
    • Scientists Slow Ageing With Green Tea, Onions, Red Wine 

      Muanya, C. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-01-14)
      Researchers found out that patients taking onions,green tea,and red wine became significantly more mobile than anti ageing drugs.
    • What to Know About Low Back Pain 

      Akutu, G. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-01-21)
      The commonest cause of back pain is the muscle and ligament sprain. Other causes can range from trauma such as fractures and dislocations
    • Routine Immunisation and Awareness Would Reduse Yellow Fever Outbreak 

      Adunwoke, P. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-01-21)
      Yellow fever can be prevented through immunization which is free, safe and provide life long immunity
    • Investing in Food Security 

      Oladipupo, O. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-01-22)
      The paper highlights the solution to food security in Nigeria as mechanization of the agricultural sector and empowerment of local farmers.
    • Resurgence of Lassa Fever 

      Editorial (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-01-28)
      The upsurge in the case of Lassa fever demands urgent attention of government at all level. This is because the virus is zoonotic or animal-borne. The report shows that health workers in the country are dying of the disease.
    • Environmental, Personal Hygiene Key To Prevention Of Lassa Fever 

      Adunwoke, P. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-02-11)
      Lassa Fever is a rat borne virus that is transmitted to humans through contamination by rodents.
    • Curry Ingredient More Effective Than Paracetamol At Easing Painful Injuries 

      Muanya, C. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-02-28)
      Tumeric is more effective than popular pain killers at easing the agony of sports injuries, new research suggests.
    • Tuberculosis: Early Diagnosis, Treatment Key 

      Adunwoke, P. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-03-18)
      Tuberculosis is regarded as the 9th leading cause of death World wide and the leading cause from a single infectious agent, ranking above HIV/AIDS
    • Local Plants Ameliorate Complications of Diabetes 

      Muanya, C. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-03-22)
      Nigerian researchers have identified and validated the efficacy of selected local plants in ameliorating the patho-physioloical complications of diabetes.
    • Worries Over Growing Shift From Orthodox To Traditional Medicine 

      Ezea, S. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-04-14)
      In some parts of the World, medical bills are handled by Government through insurance but in Nigeria many resort to traditional medicine because it is affordable