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  • Entrepreneurs,Scientist Identify Agric as Way Out 

    Ibirogba, F. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-09-03)
    Agricultural products and projects are veritable instruments for combating the rising poverty level in Nigeria. This is because human capital development efforts could be channeled towards effective agricultural production ...
  • Life Style Modification Essential to Managing Cholesterol 

    Akutu, G. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-08-19)
    Cholesterol is a wax like fatty substance that the body needs for normal function. There is good and bad cholesterol which could promote health or cause damage to the body system. A balanced diet and good health management ...
  • Coping With Effects of Climate Change 

    Editorial (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-09-09)
    The understanding of climate change began some 200 years ago with the19th century scientist. Skeptics have continued to advance contrary views in an attempt to dispute the phenomenon as a ruse.
  • Integration as Sustainable Agriculture Business Strategy 

    Ibirogba, F. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-08-09)
    The paper takes a look at benefits of integrated farming, backward integrated farming and zero waste concepts as agricultural business sustainability techniques.
  • Formulating a Viable Book Policy for Depressed Economy 

    Ajeluorou, A. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-05-09)
    International Publishers Association's (I.P.A) seminar is in partnership with Nigerian Publishers Association (N.I.B.F.) and Nigerian International Book Fair (N.P.A.). The seminar looked at the role of publishers in the ...
  • Danger as Charcoal Production Escalates Heat Radiation, Food Shortage, Others 

    Ibirogba, F. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-08-13)
    The paper writes on intensified charcoal production in Nigeria and consequences such as increased solar radiation, climate change flooding, erratic rainfall patterns and their effect on food production.
  • Agric Equipment Fabricators Seek End to Job Wealth Exportation 

    Ibirogba, F. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-08-06)
    The paper writes on the need to promote homegrown technologies towards commercialization of agriculture and ensuring food security.
  • Agric Investors Groan as Fall Army Worms Invade Farmlands 

    Maduabeke, C. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-07-19)
    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation; Fall Army worm is an insect native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of the Americas and was first detected in some West African countries in early 2016. The ...
  • Failure to Support Public Libraries Affects Book Donation Organisations 

    Olatoun, W. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-05-20)
    Zell, the founder of Borders Literature (an online book platform), describes his life-path in Nigeria as a bit of a roller-coaster ride. He added that his knowledge of the African Book Trade which start in 1970 at University ...
  • Glut in Egg Production Triggers Call for Industrialization, Value Chain Creation 

    Ibirogba, F. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-07-16)
    Egg glut is the most devastating challenge facing the poultry sector. Factors responsible for recurrent egg glut cycle includes, school holidays, poor purchasing, lack of preservation technology, and patronage of important ...
  • Thriving Illegal Gold Mining and Lead-Poisoning Challenge 

    Okere, R. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-07-25)
    Illegal gold mining and lead-poisoning have been a very big challenge in Nigeria. Despite the health hazards of illegal mining of gold, the country is said to be losing about #9 billion yearly to illegal mining and gold ...
  • Oil Exploration Threatening 6.5million Fishing Population in Niger Delta 

    Osahon, J. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-07-20)
    The paper notes that no fever than 6.5 million people are involved in fishing related activities and has been threatened by the oil exploration, degradation and pollution in the Niger Delta States of Nigeria.
  • How to get Optimum Yield from Cassava Cultivation 

    Ibirogba, F. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-07-19)
    Cassava described as the golden crop of Africa plays a significant role in the move toward food security and hunger eradication. However, productivity per hectare remains low due to poor awareness about modern farming practices.
  • Self-Sufficiency in Rice Production: Still a Long Way 

    Akinfenwa, G; Nzeagwu, U.; Falaju, J. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2017-12-24)
    The Nigeria domestic consumption of rice stood at 5.530 million metric tons between 2015 to 2017. The Country's domestic supply 3.850 million metric tons from 2015 to 2016. Two rice mills produce more than one million ...
  • Education in Retrospect, Still Business as Usual for Sector 

    Atueyi, U. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2017-12-28)
    A review of activities that played out in the outgoing year reveals that the Nigeria educational system has witnessed nothing uncommon than crisis, poor funding, policy conflict, abduction, terrorism and odds against ...
  • Fulani Herdsmen and The Adamawa Five 

    Onomuakpokpo, P. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-06-21)
    The Federal government of Nigeria has recently released a bumper package of incentive of over 179 billion for the establishment of ranches in 10 states of the country.
  • Breaking the malaria circle 

    Musbau, R. (Guardian newspapers Limited, 2017-12-22)
    In spite of the huge amount that the Federal government spends in the provision of curative malaria drugs, with support from global funding, malaria has remained endemic in Nigeria. The World Health Organization recommends ...
  • Nation Chokes Under Gripping Rage of Substance Abuse 

    Eno-Abasi, S.; Abbar, A. (Guardian newspapers Limited, 2017-12-10)
    The prevalence drug abuse in the country, especially in the Northern Nigeria has been a worrisome venture. To underscore the raging narcotics challenges, President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday December 7, 2017, directed ...
  • How to Increase, Maintain Production of Eggs 

    Ibirogba, F. (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2018-07-26)
    Poultry farmers should optimize egg production and profitability through good sources of birds, pen ventilation, feed and feeding needs.
  • The Ogoni Clean-Up Project 

    Editorial (Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2017-12-05)
    The Ogoni Cleanup project has not seriously taken effect for almost 2 years after the report of launching the clean up project. The budget of a paltry 20 million for the exercise in 2018 spending plan has advertised a ...

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